Jos van Doorn
Brussels Lof
total idea factory
  Autonomous art

Autonomous art
Jos van Doorn is a multi-faceted artist who cannot be tied down to a specific form of art.
Fairly soon after graduating from the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design (in 1984) he was actively experimenting in a very diverse range of disciplines. This resulted in various 3D works and installations, graphics and ‘totems' (see 'Autonome kunst').

In his recent work he has sought to create completely new forms by combining items from nature and culture. See Amrita, Argus, Dearhunter and Sneeuwvlokje under ‘Recent werk’ for some examples of this work. Under the motto of ’All is not what it seems’ he takes us along in his own search for identity and challenges us to find our place in it.