Jos van Doorn

Brussels Lof
total idea factory
  Public spaces
  Art in public spaces    

In his assignments relating to art in public spaces, Jos van Doorn goes in search of the identity of the environment in which the work of art is to be located. This is determined by, for example, the history of the place, its cultural background and the opportunities for developing the area. By incorporating these elements into his assignment, he creates a work of art that links the past, the present and the future, while also being rooted in the landscape and culture peculiar to the region. Examples of this work can be seen in 'Kunst in de openbare ruimte', including the ‘Zwanenbank’ (‘Bench of swans’) and the ‘Marspolder’ (in which the geese symbolise the development process) and ‘De óntaarde mens’ (‘Man uprooted’), which was commissioned for a psychiatric hospital.